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Saturday, April 1, 2017

April with Miss I., the Graduating Senior!

I was happy to take I.'s photos again today.  She's such a happy & beautiful soul.  After a mild winter and long Spring, I think St. Louis is showing off, sad to see this young lady go off to college out West.

 Even the wee ducklings wanted to run around with excitement during our photo session.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Lovely Fall Day with I.

We've had an amazingly warm 'Indian Summer' this Fall and what better thing do do than enjoy it before all the leaves fall and winter hits!  I. is a kind, thoughtful and beautiful young lady, I was happy to take her Senior Photos last weekend.  Good luck with our senior year, I!

Friday, August 5, 2016

7-years Is Too Long to visit Home!

We have been traveling the world for some time, before being stationed in the UK for 5 years we lived in Florida.  Its been seven long years since we've been able to come home to Washington.  7 years is way too long.  It was sweet, ever so sweet.
Boehm's, mouth watering, hand created chocolate.
Views of Mt. Rainier from Point no Point Lighthouse.

 Kayaking on Liberty Bay with family.
 The harbor seals were so cute, especially the little new borns.
We took a ferry over to Victoria, Canada.
We hiked a trail that gave us spectacular views of Mt. Rainier.
Seeing edelweiss on the mountain side was beautiful.
From the top of our trail you could see Mt. Adams.
The party of 8 that hiked the moderately difficult trail.  I was proud of the kids for not giving up, it was up hill for nearly an hour.

A wee friend that would join us for breakfast each morning.
Snoqualimie Falls.

One of our favorite things to do in Seattle, walk around Pike's Market.
We took over a ferry to visit Nana and Papa.

Hopefully it won't take us another 7 years to return home.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

** A Magical Hogwarts BIRTHDAY Celebration **

It's been nearly a year since moving back from England.  Those years were an incredible adventure and highlight for our family.  To celebrate summer birthday's, additionally 11-year-old S. has read the Harry Potter book series 12 times, we celebrated with a magical birthday.  My friend Andrea was so clever and creative with her daughter's H.P. party last year, she was very generous in allowing us to borrow some of her amazing props & ideas.  Between those things and bits and bobs we found whilst living in England, the party was a success.  

I think my favorite part of the party was making their own wands.  It was magic, all you need is a chopstick, hot glue and paints.

The sorting hat sorted everyone into their houses.
We had Professor Snype's cousin teach the potions class, later we did spells and just had an amazing double-fun party for E. and S.

Everyone was given a book of potions and the Standard Book of Spells.

The day ended with 2 Witches and a Wizard happy as can be.